Champissage, also known as Indian Head Massage (IHM)
Based on ancient healthcare system of Ayurveda, IHM involves the massage of upper back, neck, shoulders, arms, head and face.
IHM can be done with or without oil, as per the Client's preference.

Benefits of Champissage

- Relieves muscular tension                                                - Increases flexibility

- Relieves eye strain and tension headaches                       - Helps to promote sleep

- Reduces stress and anxiety                                               - Relaxes the mind and body

- Helps to reduce blood pressure                                        - Improves circulation

- Eliminates built up toxins                                                - Stimulates immune system

- Encourages cell generation                                              - Improves the condition of hair and skin

- Improves concentration                                                  - Renews energy levels

IHM Session £25

Block of 4 Sessions £90

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