Reiki Treatment

In-Person Reiki Session:

Reiki treatment can be conducted in seated or lying down position, depending on the Client's comfort.  

The Reiki Practitioner will give treatment by placing their hands gently on or above the Client's body in a sequence of positions.  The hand positions are non-intrusive and cover the back and front of the body.  As there is no massage or manipulation, the Client remains fully clothed.

The session can take 45mins to 1hr 15mins, depending on the Client's needs.

The Client may feel heat, coolness or tingling during the Reiki session.  Some may experience emotional response, indicating shift in energy. 

Many feel relaxed and may even fall asleep during the session. 

Reiki Session 1hr - 1hr 15min £35

Block of 4 Sessions £120

Distant Reiki Session:

It might sound strange, but when a Client needs a Reiki treatment and is unable to attend in person due to ill health or lives far away (within UK or even in any part of the world), we can schedule a Reiki session.  On that date and time, I would send Distant Reiki and later on contact by phone/email to get feedback on the session. 

I have had good results with Distant Reiki treatments and they are just as effective as In-person treatments.

Distant Reiki Session £30

Block of 4 Sessions £100





"A friend of mine recommended Jyoti and I have been receiving Reiki treatments for 2 months now.  I have to say that I feel more rejuvenated and vibrant, having more confidence in myself and able to tackle challenges of life much better.  During my treatments, I felt I was in good hands and Jyoti's experience and passion really shines through...Thanks Jyoti"

                                                             - MG

Receiving my Reiki sessions from Jyoti has provided me with boundless energy and more importantly, clarity of mind. It is amazing and I can only describe it as if "the fog has been lifted". The healing energy of Reiki has also helped me with my pre/post surgery. I can safely say that, with Jyoti, I felt in good hands. Jyoti is a very warm and caring person with excellent listening skills. This makes you feel completely at ease in her company. I would definitely recommend Jyoti's Reiki sessions to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed with life's challenges and feels stuck in their thoughts and is looking to get a spring back in their step!

                                                             - SP

Having Reiki and knowing not a lot about the therapy, I was quite amazed at the results.

When I had my first session, I had a severe gash on my leg, which was being dressed twice a week by GP nurses.  They were very concerned that it would not heal, due to the fact that I take steroid tablets, which hinders healing.  Not thinking about it Jyoti asked if she could concentrate on my leg.  When the nurse took off the dressing none of us could believe how much the gash had healed and this continued for 4 weeks, each time after having treatment with Jyoti.   I did in fact take photos each time to show Jyoti the rapid progress.   Some people might find this hard to believe but I can only tell it as it was.  

My leg is now without blemish.

Apart from this each session left me so relaxed – much more so than having a massage.  I have breathing problems and I found my breathing relaxed completely and this lasted for a few hours afterwards.


Jyoti has a beautiful way of treating you and making you feel special – I could highly

recommend you try at least one session to find out for yourself.

                                                  - JC

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